How to get to Messines


GPS reference

R5991 - Museum Mesen


N 50°45'55.0'' - E002°53'53.1''


N 50°45.917' - E002°53.885'


N 50.765278° - E002.898083°


31U E 492812 N 5623728

Google Earth

50 45.917 N, 002 53.885 E


From Antwerp - Brussels- Ghent - Kortrijk :

Highway E17 to Kortrijk, then follow Kortrijk-Ieper, exit 2A Komen-Waasten, follow Komen- Waasten tot exit Waasten-Ieper-Mesen, right turn at the end of the exit, 1st crossroad you pas turn left, when you passed Covameat (big abbatoir) at your right, take 2nd street left.

From Ostend - Brugges :

E403 to Kortrijk and then follow the route discription as mentioned above.

From Ypres: 

Roundabout at the Lille Gate (Rijselpoort), follow direction Heuvelland and then follow this road straight ahead to Messines. You will pass in the correcty order: railroad crossing, Bedford House Cemetery at your left, the roundabout at Sint-Elooi (with canon), then drive through the town of Wijtschate and then next you will enter Messines.  


The train:

Take the train to Ypres and then you can take a taxi to Messines or the public bus. Shedules and routes can be found on this site. Use the routeplanner on this website. It will give you not only the correct train connections, but also the busses you maybe have to take. Choose "Mesen-plaats" as direction for Messines. This is the Dutch term for "Messines- town square".   

Taxi have to be ordered up front, there will be no taxis waiting at the station. You can find the taxi services in Ypres on this site.

The bus:

Bus 742 Ieper-Mesen-Le Bizet (from Ypres railway station). Busses don't drive every hour, so we recommend to check this before you travel (can also be found on this site, see above)