Recreational routes


DOUVEPAD: 10,4 km - 3 hours walk. Free folder/map avaible at the local tourist office.  

MESSINES RIDGE VREDESPAD: 3,5 km - 1 hour walk.

Route who connects all the World War One monuments in Messines. Together with the walk, there is a very informative brochure (in English) who tells the unique story of the town during the Great War. The brochure has a handy map and is avaible for free at the local tourist office.

IN THE FOOTSSTEPS OF THE NEW-ZEALAND TROOPS: 4 km- guided tour. Only by reservation at the tourist office of Messines.

This walk is only avaible with guide and for groups (more than 10 people). The tour follows the progress of the New-Zealand attack during the Battle of Messines Ridge on 7th June 1917. The experienced tells te storyu of the Kiwi who fought their way up the hill and how victory was achieved. The battle strategies and especially the swift and meticulous action of the New Zealand Division, make this tour a very interesting, unique and special event.


A downloadable app is available to all visitors to the town enabling them to guide themselves around the Walk “In the Footsteps of the New Zealanders” and receive the key information about the battle. This app gives detailed information, pictures and sound snippets on several topics and is a must for everybody who want to learn more of this history. You can download it in English and in the TIP for Android op Google Play Store and for iPhone and IPad at app store of Apple. Remark: It's a GPS based walk, so you can only use it when you’re at Messines.

Other recreational options

The tourist office of Messines only offers walks, but the town is part of several regional bike and car routes. More information can be obtained from this site.